Ron.V's Music Page

Here's A Sampling of My Music

These are some songs I've recorded, some original, some cover songs (copied from others).  Only a couple are complete tunes.  The partial tunes are just samples to show what I like to play.  At my talent level, I'm not professional quality.  No matter.  Playing amateur music is still fun amongst friends and family and often good enough for a paying gig.

NOTE: After you play each song, close the new window that opens.
BR-8 Blues 0:39 - (that's 0 minutes and 39 seconds) Just a piece of a song I recorded I call "BR-8 Blues."  I recorded it about 13 years ago when I bought my first digital multi-track recorder, a Boss BR-8, hence the name of this short piece.  In this I play electric bass guitar, electric rhythm guitar, electric lead guitar, and harmonica.  The drums are synthesized.  It's only a sample to test out the recorder.
RockGibson Sample 0:51 - This is a part of a song I recorded a few months after the blues song above.  I had just bought a vintage Gibson electric guitar and wanted to record a sample of it to email to a friend.
This song idea came to me.  I call it "Gibson Sample", just a piece for test purposes.  I considered writing this into a complete song but never got around to it.  Remember this is original stuff, not something you've ever heard before or will ever hear again.
FolkPlease Come To Boston (cover) 3:30 - This is one of the few complete songs on this page, my cover of Dave Loggins' "Please Come To Boston."  I have a weak singing voice and can't recall lyrics so I've always avoided the role of lead singer.  When I'm along with my guitar and someone wants me to "sing something" it always embarrasses me.  The multi-track recorder gives me a way around that.  I love this song and did this acoustic version with just guitar and vocals.  The timing / tempo is less than perfect but at least it's as good as my poor voice.
GospelRailway To Heaven (traditional) 3:56 - Another complete song and a rather long one, so if you're only interested in samples skip this for last or just listen to a bit then hit your browser's back button to return to this page.  I recorded this old gospel tune to see how many tracks I could fill up on my own.  In this song I'm singing 4-part harmony while playing bass guitar, acoustic 6-string guitar, 5-string banjo, and harmonica.  The song is full of mistakes but, hey, I'm just an amateur!
CountryMountain Dew (traditional) 2:34 - This is an old country favorite my cousin Johnny Russell Warren taught me when he taught me my first chords on the guitar.  This is my first song on the multi-track recorder where I tried to lay down as many tracks as possible.  On this one I play guitar, banjo, and bass as I sing 4-part harmony.
Blue Rock BandOne More Guitar Blues 3:00 - In high school our band was called the "Huns."  We reunited and reorganized in 1998 and became "The Bluerock Band", not a unique name.  Another band had the same name we later discovered but the name symbolized our music.  I wrote several original tunes for the band.

On most songs, others sang lead but they encouraged me to sing this one about a guy who can't stop adding to his guitar collection.  On it, I sing lead, play rhythm guitar and harmonica.  My son John plays drums and friend Rick Jackson, our lead guitarist, plays bass.
My Son #1 song  
My Son #2 song
Long Time 2:48 - I include here two songs by my son, John Vincent.  He says, "I've waited such a long time" for a son.  He and his wife had 5 beautiful daughters first.  John performed all the vocals and keyboard parts.  The drums are a synth.  

Seven Bridges Road (cover) 3:07 - In 2006 I wanted to record my son's band.  We recorded several tunes but the harmony on this one is outstanding!